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The process at Real Estate Funding Solutions is simple : Pick one of the options listed below and one of our nationwide lenders will get back to you within 24 hours to go over the ideal real estate lending product based on your deal scenario.
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About us

Real Estate Funding Solutions have developed strong relationships with direct lenders as well as private investors with over 20 years of experience in the industry which enables us to structure and close on all types of loans for real estate properties across the nation. We have partnered with several commercial banks and real estate mutual funds lenders to provide the best financial service for consumers nationwide.

Our real estate lending firm offers competitive real estate funding options for clients in 50 states within the US as well as some foreign countries including Canada. Our real estate investment lending skills allows us to help our investors maximize their profit by offering aggressive loan options for property investment funding. Our customer service skills help deliver outstanding real estate financial services with the most affordable mortgage products for clients throughout the country. Real Estate Funding Solutions values customers by offering competitive terms and rates for all commercial and residential real estate funds purposes across the United States of America.

Real Estate Funding Solutions will NOT run your credit if you already have an existing credit report. Once documents are reviewed, we will provide you with a term sheet at no cost. Feel free to email us your credit report and your appraisal (if available)

  • No credit checks till pre-approved!
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